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Child custody issues are usually the most personal and challenging family law cases our firm handles for clients. While a divorce or legal separation from a long-term spouse is always tricky, it becomes even more complicated if you have a child.

Being a parent is a great privilege that carries with it a load of responsibilities. We understand that making sure your child or children is adequately cared for and supported is your top priority. It is also crucial that you get to spend adequate time with your child.

Besides the emotional challenge of not living with your child full-time, you and your ex-partner must work together to create a co-parenting plan, choose the best child custody arrangement, and continue to work together to minimize the trouble to your children’s lives.

At Browner Law, PLLC, we get it. Our Orange County attorney is passionately committed to helping you work towards a custody plan that works best for you and your family. Ideally, we would like to help you and your family reach a child custody agreement with the child’s other parent through the mediation process.

However, if you are not able to agree on a child custody arrangement, our law firm is prepared to take your case to family court.

Our Orange County, NC child custody lawyer stands ready to assist you through this challenging time. Call (919) 887-8662 or contact our firm online for competent legal advice.

Understanding Child Custody in Orange County, North Carolina

Child custody is the term used to refer to two fundamental rights of parents: 1) the right to make major life decisions for a child or children (legal custody), and 2) the right to have a child or children in one’s care (physical custody). Both legal parents share these rights equally. In the event that the parents are no longer together, parents will need to agree on the terms of the child’s care. When an agreement cannot be reached, either parent may choose to file for a custody order.

After a complaint is filed and a summons and complaint are served on the other parent, a judge can hear the custody case and make a decision regarding legal custody. The judge may either rule for sole custody or joint custody.

The various possible rulings include:

  • Joint Legal Custody: Parents work together to make major decisions for the child or children
  • Sole Legal Custody: One parent makes the major decisions for the child without consulting the other parent
  • Joint Physical Custody: The child’s time is split between the parents
  • Sole Physical Custody: The child only lives with one parent, while the other parent is given visitation

There are many possibilities of how joint physical custody works out practically. Sometimes what is deemed best for the child is an equal amount of time spent with both parents. In other cases, one parent may be granted primary physical custody, while the other is given secondary physical custody. Under such circumstances, a child might live with the parent that has primary custody during the week, and then live with the other parent on the weekends.

At What Age in North Carolina Can a Child Decide Which Parent to Live With?

There is no set age in North Carolina for a child to decide which parent to live with under state law. When a child becomes a legal adult at age 18, they have the right to live wherever they want. Until such time, the judge can order where the child must live.

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At Browner Law, PLLC, our family lawyer priority is to protect your children and preserve your relationship with them. If you have found yourself in a custody battle with your child’s other parent, our Orange County NC family custody law firm can help you obtain a child custody order that is fair and protects the rights and best interests of your child.

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