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Adopting a child is a wonderful and exciting opportunity. However, the legal process can often be complicated and disheartening. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with endless paperwork and concerns about making sure that everything is completed correctly and on time. As you plan to bring a new member into your family, rely on Browner Law, PLLC to walk you through every aspect of the adoption process. Our Orange County, NC adoption lawyer can help you understand your legal rights. We can also help you build a solid plan for how to proceed with your case.

Can Birth Parents Take Their Child Back After Adoption?

Presuming that you went through a legal adoption, the response is no, you cannot get your child back when he or she is adopted by another person. Prior to your child’s birth, any adoption contracts you make are not binding, and the new parents are required to wait in between one day and a month until they are able to sign adoption papers.

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Petitioning for Adoption in North Carolina

North Carolina, like all other states, has complex laws that dictate how adoptions must take place. While each adoption is different, some general rules and processes are true for all cases.

There are many different types of adoption, including:

  • Agency adoption
  • Step-parent adoption
  • Foreign adoption
  • Surrogacy adoption
  • Relative adoption
  • Foster care adoption
  • Independent or private adoption

To begin the process, one must file a petition for adoption. Only individuals who are above the age of 18 are eligible to file a petition. An additional requirement states that the petitioner must have lived in North Carolina for six consecutive months prior to filing. The only exception to this rule is when the petitioner resides in North Carolina and is adopting a child who has lived in the state since birth or for six consecutive months prior to filing.

When the petition is filed, it must also include all required supporting documentation for the particular form of adoption being applied for, as well as any necessary parental consents. If the adoption petition is not opposed, a hearing will most likely be unnecessary. On the other hand, if it is opposed, the court will hold a hearing to determine if the adoption is in the best interest of the child.

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